Psychology Facts

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One of the hardest tasks for the human mind is

convincing yourself that you no longer care
People who laugh more are able to tolerate pain better,
both physical and emotional
You are more likely to blame people
rather than the situation
If you announce your goals to others,
You are less likely to make them happen because
you lose motivation
When a person cries on little things,
that person is softhearted
People tend to value memories more than people.
Sometimes you miss the memories,
not the actual person
Emotional pain lasts for twelve minutes.
Anything longer than that is self-inflicted
Humor is associated with honesty and smartness,
which is why women are likely to be more attracted to men who has
a good sense of humor
If you sleep less you crave for junk food,
if you over sleep you crave for more sleep
Some people are afraid of
allowing themselves to be too happy because
they think there is a negative, often tragic, event that will happen
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