Pocket Three Kingdoms/ Pocket Summoners Experience Tables! Quest Guide!

Here’s a revised Experience Guide to Pocket Three Kingdoms (PTK)/ Pocket Summoners (PS)! I’ve included the Experience Table I’ve made before here for easy reference.

Based on the table above, the total amount of experience needed to max the level of a hero is:
 ★ = 15,141
 ★ ★ = 35,822
 ★ ★ ★ = 82,181
 ★ ★ ★ ★ = 189,750
 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ = 446,649
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ = 1,068,727

The following tables below are the experience gained in the different quest maps. Each map has 3 difficulties and experience obtained will vary according to the level of difficulty. Depending on the number of heroes in a party, the amount of experience gained per hero will vary as well. 


Note that using a hero from friends list does not add to the hero count in party. For example, 2 of player’s heroes 1 hero from friends list will still yield a total count of 2 heroes in party. In other words, the experience gained will be based on a party count of 2 heroes and not 3 heroes.


Let’s take a look at 2 examples to understand how to read the tables. 


Example 1

Quest Map: Liang Zhou (PTK) or Kanfri Desert (PS) 

Quest Difficulty: Hell

Number of heroes in Party: 4

Stage: 3

EXP Boost: Yes


In Example 1, the experience gained per hero is 2400 points. That means with 4 heroes in a party, each hero will get 2400 experience points.



Example 2

Quest Map: Liang Zhou (PTK) or Kanfri Desert (PS) 

Quest Difficulty: Normal

Number of heroes in Party: 1

Stage: Boss

EXP Boost: No


In Example 2, the experience gained per hero is 812 points. That means with a single hero in party, the hero will get 812 experience points. 

Note that the tables serve as a guide on experience gain only. It does not include information on rewards obtained per round, as well as stamina efficiency. Hence, if you are just focused on leveling, these might be useful. Then again, the popular farming map for most players is Jin Zhou (PTK) / Voltanis (PS). But that varies for individuals and depends on situations such as available heroes or time constraints . 


For example, I have a well-equipped Fire Monkey King who can solo Jin Zhou Hell Stage 1 fast. If I want to level 3 fodders and clear out free stamina fast, I’d probably do Jin Zhou Hell Stage 1 to get 1950 experience points per hero (without exp boost). If not, I’d do Izumo Province Hell (PTK) / Silver Fortress (PS) Stage 1 using Fire Xiao Qiao (PTK) / Aeris (PS) to level 3 fodders, getting 2145 experience points per hero. It really depends on your circumstances and focus.


So yup. Hope that helps! c;

Note that the latest 4 new maps are completed with use of approximation, thus the data provided might deviate from the actual figures. Nevertheless, the discrepancies will only be off by a bit; range from a minimum of 1 experience point to a maximum of 10 experience points. 

Liang Zhou(PTK) / Kanfri Desert(PS)

Yong Zhou(PTK) / Jade Peaks(PS)

Yi Zhou(PTK) / Celeste Woods(PS)

You Zhou(PTK) / Wintry Summit(PS)

Ji Zhou(PTK) / Kyta Town(PS)

Jiao Zhou(PTK) / Fort Caribs(PS)

Xu Zhou(PTK) / Amaranth(PS)

Yang Zhou(PTK) / Port Muerte(PS)

Jin Zhou(PTK) / Voltanis(PS)

Goguryeo(PTK) / Jael’s Peak(PS)

Baekje(PTK) / Enderland(PS)

Yamatai(PTK) / Ancient Castle(PS)

Izumo Province(PTK) / Silver Fortress(PS)

Lastest Addition of 4 New Maps


An Ding Keep(PTK) / Farrador Keep(PS)

Wu Yuan Isle(PTK) / Ryhs Enclave(PS)

Tie Long Mountains(PTK) / Iron Mountain(PS)

Rakshasa(PTK & PS)

This guide was created on July 5, 2016. Any contradictory inaccuracies thereafter might be due to further updates to the game itself. Last updated on July 6, 2016.

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