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Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu

Lapu Lapu is one of Philippines's national hero and is also featured in Mobile Legends! He is one awesome hero both in real life and in game! But what is the best way to play him well? Read on to find out!


Lapu Lapu Best Item Build

Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Guide Best Item Build Tips & Strategy 2


After exploring different item builds, I believe that the above is the best build for Lapu Lapu. The sequence as to which items to get first, begins from left to right. So Magic Shoes should be obtained first followed by Berserker's Fury and so on.

Magic Shoes
Magic Shoes

Magic Shoes

+10% CoolDown Reduction

Unique Ability
+40 Movement Speed

Magic Shoes should be the first item for Lapu Lapu. This gives him decent base movement speed early in the game, for him to chase or take flight when Brave Stance is on cooldown.

The 10% CoolDown Reduction is also important for him to be able to reuse his skills rapidly. As this build does not include any other items that gives CoolDown Reduction, the 10% CoolDown Reduction from Magic Shoes is crucial.

Berserker's Fury
Berserker's Fury

Berserker's Fury

+65 Physical Attack
+25% Critical Strike

Unique Ability
Critical Damage increases by 40%. Critical Strikes will also increase Lapu Lapu's Physical Attack by 5%, lasting for 2 seconds.

The main purpose of Berserker's Fury is to whip out extremely high critical damage. This item can allow Lapu Lapu to almost instantly KO enemies during Critical Strikes!

Stacking 4 Berserker's Fury means 100% or guaranteed Critical Strikes at all attacks with additional 160% in Critical Damage! Coupled with his in-built AOE burst skills, Lapu Lapu is able to wipe out an entire team!

Another main purpose is for Lapu Lapu to farm up quickly. With Berserker's Fury, he is able to farm faster with burst damage output.

Malefic Roar
Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar

+60 Physical Attack

Unique Ability
+40% Physical Penetration to enemies.
Basic attacks will ignore 20% of a defense turret's defensive armor.

This item is to complement destroying turrets and pushing. It also helps to inflict much greater burst damage to enemies.

Depending on how the late game goes, Malefic Roar can be substituted with other items. But it is included here in this build as a base point.

If you notice, this build does not have any items that give lifesteal. That is because Lapu Lapu is slow with his basic attacks. Instead of relying on lifesteal for sustenance, he is better off with extreme burst damage. In other words, it's either he make it or break it; surviving showdowns with quick bursts or losing if he can't kill in time.

For flight purposes, he can rely on Brave Stance to make his escape. And use that skill in such a way whereby Lapu Lapu "fly across" his pursuers so as to increase his movement speed momentarily to run away faster.

I don't recommend adding other items that gives CoolDown Reduction too as they are a waste in taking up item slots. The video below reinforces the idea of this guide so do take a look to get a better understanding 🙂

Lapu Lapu Tips & Strategy

Before Lapu Lapu enters into a match, I recommend the Jungle Emblem Set and the Battle Spell, Execute for him. Main reason for Jungle Emblem Set is to provide him with more decent base Attack Speed. Battle Spell: Execute behaves as an insurance in case Lapu Lapu cannot reach enemy heroes in time to deal the last hit; also adds to the burst damage combination factor.

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The moment the match starts, get Lapu Lapu to wait near an enemy turret. Once enemy minions are in sight, use Justice Blade on them, making sure that all 3 creeps are hit before going back near ally minions. It would be even better if enemy heroes are hit in the process too.

Doing so will give you a slight time advantage in terms of farming and pressuring. To be more explicit, since Lapu Lapu has damaged enemies before they even meet your ally minions, this enables you to deal another round of Justice Blade upon the skill cooldown; more total damage inflicted to enemies in a fixed amount of time. Pressuring-wise, since your ally minions require less time to kill off enemy minions, they can last slightly longer when hitting enemy turret due to having higher health; more total damage done on enemy turret.

Early into the game, harass enemy heroes as much as possible with Justice BladeBrave Stance and occasional basic attacks if within range. Harassment via Justice Blade is important to build Bravery Blessings which is essential when engaged in a clash. A fully charged Bravery Blessings will give Lapu Lapu "additional health" and increased basic attack damage output for a short period of time.

Throughout the match, prioritize turret destruction and pushing; you want to give as much pressure as possible to enemy team. Also, farm as fast as possible with the recommended build here. Be on the lookout for potential/unattended farming lanes and quickly head towards those areas to farm.

The recommended build makes it easier for Lapu Lapu to farm fast as well. Make use of Brave Stance to move around farming spots rapidly. If done correctly, Lapu Lapu will remain almost elusive to enemies and be able to have item advantage over them due to intensive farming without getting caught.

During team clashes, make sure Lapu Lapu is on the outside first. Use his ultimate and enter Heavy Sword State before "spinning" into the war zone, spamming all skills. Ideally, you want to have Bravery Blessings full so that Lapu Lapu will have a protective shield and higher basic attack damage output.

Be mindful of generating the protective shield first via doing a basic attack once before spamming all other skills. Because you might not have the time to unleash all skills if Lapu Lapu dies too early, and the protective shield seeks to buy some time. If the combination is done properly, it's almost guaranteed that enemy team will be wiped out!

The generation of protective shield first also applies to 1-to-1 duel. Do not run when being confronted in the Heavy Sword State, just engage in the showdown as Lapu Lapu has a high chance of winning with the recommended burst build. Only take flight when Lapu Lapu is back to normal via Brave Stance if necessary.

Hopefully this has been a decent Mobile Legend Lapu Lapu Guide and has helped you get a better idea on how to play Lapu Lapu most effectively!

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