Mobile Legends Johnson Crazy Drive to Legend Division | Double Tank Destruction!

What happens in Mobile Legends when Tanks team up with Johnson? Destruction!
And I didn't expect Johnson to drive me all the way up to Legend Divison xD Extra Battle Points for Season rewards, sweet!

So after playing several more matches with Tanky Johnson, I think he can be built as follows:

In according of order:
1) Warrior Boots (For more armour)
2) Blade Armour (More armour)
3) Immortality (Tanky Revival)
4) Dominance Ice (More armour, reduce cooldown and slow enemies)
5) Oracle (Reduce cooldown and increase regen)
6) Bloodthirsty King (Increase regen)

Idea is to stack up armour and magic power. More armour not only makes Johnson more tanky, it increases the damage output for his first skill too. Since his skills do magic damage, higher magic power deals more damage.

Do share your build too! Thanks 😀

Update: For item slot 4, I actually build Saint's Refuge if there are mages in enemy team. And I seldom use Bloodthirsty King for slot 6. I usually pump up more armor with Blade Armor instead.

Highlights of Johnson in action!

Compilations of Johnson in ranked matches tanking like a beast!

Just bought new tank hero Johnson, Mustang skin, upon release. I finally have a tank hero to use in ranked matches xD

But as you can see in the video, I played poorly using Johnson in my first tank ranked match 🙁

Will play more matches and improve as a tank support before sharing some highlights in my next video 😀

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