From Asda Story to Asda 2, and now Asda Global x;

Haven’t played Asda Story before but I dare say that I did enjoy my time in Asda2. Throughout the great deal of time spent in Asda2, I met people from all over the world and made wonderful friends! Be it laughters or tears, sweet and bitter moments were shared; an awesome overall experience!

However, many players have “moved on” or “graduated” from the game and Asda2 isn’t as lively as before. Hence the video was made to remember the fun Asda2 days in case the game server closes; keepsake c;

Coincidentally, another publisher, Game N Game came out with Asda Global just when Asda2 is “dying”. Not sure if it’s just a ditto of Asda2, but one thing is for sure – many former and current Asda2 players have been flocking over to try it. Will Asda Global surpass Asda2 or will it be another fail, only time will tell =P

Check out the following links to access:
Asda 2

Asda Global

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