Exploding chilli outta butt! | Stomach pain and diarrhea

Re-emergence of stomach pain and diarrhea

So a few days ago, I finally ate something spicy after a long time. And guess what? I got to reminisce with the toilet bowl over the good old spicy days. Our conversation lasted for hours in between intervals. Chilli, stomach pain and diarrhea were most commonly discussed. In other words, I had the runs many times after eating spicy food xD

Since young, I love spicy food and can handle the heat in my mouth; really enjoyed the sensation in my mouth! I would even add extra chillies to my food to increase the heat if I find the level of spiciness inadequate. Back then, there were occasions whereby I involve myself in spicy food eating contest amongst my friends and would usually emerge as the winner. The nostalgia… Anyway, despite loving spicy food, my tummy isn’t too fond of it sadly. Spicy food would go in well but come out bad;¬†I like the spicy and sizzling sensation in my mouth but not in my butt ūüė° Simply putting, my stomach can’t handle spicy food, resulting in stomach pain and diarrhea.


So it seems that there is this compound called capsaicin that is found in chillies. And that is what causes the irritation in the stomach lining. I got to know about it awhile back then while looking up on Google Search. Apparently due to the lining irritation, ingested food moves down rapidly in the digestive tract and leading to loose stools or diarrhea.

Quick Fix

Honestly, my quick fix is to enjoy the conversation with toilet bowl =x I don’t actually do anything about it¬†except to¬†consistently replenish myself with water. I used to take charcoal pills back then to stop the diarrhea but I don’t do that anymore after some news about fake medicine hit the headlines. Now, I would just let nature to take its course and see loose stools as a form of detox =p Then again, if it does get worse, I would definitely seek medical attention. But so far I haven’t experience that and don’t want too.

Spicy for life

That’s because I still wanna eat spicy food! Yes, I admit that I still get stomach pain and diarrhea after eating but I do avoid it on certain important dates. For example, if I have an exam the following day, I wouldn’t eat anything spicy the day before. Other than that, I still eat spicy stuff and shoot chilli seeds outta my butt! xD

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