Crusaders Quest Colosseum: From top 5% to top 3 :o


Updated rankings, 11 hours after reset and I’m ranked 1 c;



Frankly speaking, it is rather simple to maintain a Colosseum rank in the top 5% on a weekly basis; which equates to the 55 jewels reward. 

How to even get into the top 5%? 

  1. Decide on a main team to focus on
  2. Max the bread level of all heroes within the team if possible
  3. Farm good weapons with function upgrades matching the heroes’ characteristics eg. Alexander has higher base resistance, so equipping a weapon with armor upgrade function will be a better choice as compared to an attack upgrade function
  4. Have the heroes learn the appropriate skills and upgrade them to transcendent level if possible
  5. Team up with the Goddess that best enhance the overall team build
  6. Use all free Colosseum tickets which replenishes every 2 hours
  7. Obtain at least 10 extra Colosseum tickets and use them on top of the free tickets
First 5 steps increase the winning rate in the Colosseum by a large percentage, around 90% and once that is guaranteed, steps 6 and 7 will finish up the week with 55 jewels ^^
Once it is comfortable in the top 5%, going further to secure a spot in the top 10 is also possible but it requires a lot more endurance, time and gold


Getting into the top 3!

  1. Farm a lot of Colosseum tickets from PoPo lol
  2. Head start of 500 wins or 50 Colosseum tickets with perfect victory 
  3. Non-stop farming of tickets for the rest of the ranked week and use them on top of the free tickets generated from the cool down timer
With that, being in the top 3 will be achieved. However, you’ll probably be super drained at the end of the week 😡 

Non-stop farming of tickets and playing in the Colosseum require a tremendous deal of time and energy x;

That being said, I was already half-dead at the time of taking the screenshot xD

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